Boblin the Goblin

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Boblin the Goblin

Boblin the Goblin puzzle fun game is played with the mouse, using the left hand mouse button to control all of the movement and any menu selections. The fun game is played by selecting flasks of potion in the Goblin wizard's lair to join three or more of the same color together. Selecting a fun game group of flasks with the same color on the same line will make them disappear and all the flasks above them will drop down to replace them. Sometimes on filling the empty space groups of flasks may come together and give you extra points.There are two strategies on starting out, fir first would be to pick all the groups at the top and this would be slower but safer. Or you could select groups on the bottom lines, this is faster as you’ll see more flasks disappear as they fall and come together. However the second strategy may not work later if you run out of choices as the levels on this fun game get progressively harder.