Guitar Hero: Megalovania Edition

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Music Timing

Guitar Hero: Megalovania Edition

Play against Sans in this Guitar-Hero like fun game inspired by the awesome flash fun game "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4" and the hit indie fun game "Undertale" that combines surprisingly well. Wanna have a fun game bad time? go beast mode. Wanna chill out with a fun game smooth session? Go Breezy. Or a fun game little bit of both in Novice mode. For right now, the fun game does not restart on its own, you have to reload the page if you want to play again, this may be fixed in the future, along with the fact that currently the notes do not go along with the rhythm of the song, sorry if its not quite matched up, this will also be fixed in the future, because I've only worked on this for 20 hours so far.