Who will be the all-star quarterback this year? It could be you if your eye is on the target. Quarterback Challenge 2 offers a fun game three-dimensional viewpoint and multi-tiered leveling to create a fun game highly engaging player focused interface. Each of the eight levels gives the player five throws to hit interactive targets, balloons, and coins. The levels are designed as miniature puzzles to to hit all targets and obtain a fun game high score. Inspired by the famous rube-goldberg machine, various triggers can be switched to solve the level in numerous ways. Much thought and time have been given to offer the player the most fun from a fun game football themed quarterback challenge game. Unlock balloon bonus levels by hitting all five balloons on a fun game given level. Access to four hidden coin bonus levels can be unlocked by scoring perfect on two balloon bonus levels. Control the fun game with the mouse cursor or touchscreen if you have the Flash player installed on your device.